Tarpon Springs HardwoodMany homeowners think that hardwood flooring is pretty much straightforward. They simply need to choose the stain and the material before having it installed in their home. While that is one way to approach the concept of installing new flooring, there are several different trends that give installation a spin that makes it truly unique. The experts at Floor Coverings International East Lake share their 5 favorite trends below.

1. Make it all about texture

Hardwood floors don’t have to be smooth and sleek to look good. In fact, in 2017, one of the uncommon trends that will gain ground in popularity is textured floors. Hand-scraped and wire brushed are two techniques that, while similar, give hardwood floors a distinctive look. As an added bonus, textured floors provide better traction for pets and people alike and hide dents and scratches more easily.

2. Angled floor planks

Who says that wood planks have to be installed in straight lines? Laying flooring planks on the diagonal or at an angle from the walls gives the entire room a modern look that is both sophisticated and elegant.

3. Mixed width planks of wood

Floors don’t have to be boring to look at. In fact, the right kind of visual impact can infuse a great deal of life into a room. By mixing flooring planks that have different widths, your room’s floor instantly pops with exceptional visual flair that gets it noticed immediately.

4. Herringbone planks

When you hear the words, “herringbone wood pattern,” you might think of parquet flooring, a popular choice in the 1970s. Today’s take on the herringbone pattern, however, is a bit different. Rather than using the short planks that were popular in the 70s, the modern take usually focuses on using longer lengths. This helps draw the eye toward the floor and adds interest as well as depth.

5. Add shading

Rather than sticking with just one shade of hardwood flooring, a trend that is gathering traction involves mixing two, or more, shades. This effect is one that increases the interest of the floor. Rather than simply being a uniform look and pattern, using different shades provides a great deal more visual appeal. This makes it the perfect complement to many decors.

Which of the above five uncommon trends piques your interest? Use these ideas as a springboard for your own, unique look that dovetails with your personality and the goals you have for your home. Give us a call today to learn more about your different hardwood options and schedule a free in-home consultation!

Photo Credit: Interior Design