Carpet may seem better suited for cold climates, but just because we enjoy our warm Tarpon Springs temperatures, doesn’t mean we don’t also enjoy in-home carpeting. Nothing beats the soft and luxurious feeling of carpet underfoot. If you want cozy carpet, consider some of these cooler options.


Natural Fiber Carpet Tarpon Springs FlooringOpt for Natural Fibers

Natural fibers are less dense and breathe better than synthetic varieties, perfect for our warm homes. Seagrass is a natural fiber that is entering the spotlight of sustainable flooring. The reeds are stripped and woven into a soft yarn that produces silky smooth carpets for homes around the world. Seagrass is incredibly durable, naturally non-porous, and 100% biodegradable. Unlike synthetic carpets, it doesn’t feel heavy underfoot and won’t trap too much heat and warm up your home even more. It will be soft to the touch but cool enough for our warmest months.


Limit Your Use

If you are longing for that luxurious feel of plush or wool, consider only using smaller amounts around your home. Pick the rooms where you are more likely to appreciate carpeting, such as the bedroom or living room, and keep your cooler flooring such as wood, tile, or laminate in the other areas of the house. This allows you to have an added level of comfort in the rooms that are intended for relaxation and rest without trapping heat in every room.


Berber Carpet Tarpon Springs FlooringChoose Lower Weave Carpets

Some carpet styles work better for warmer climates because their fibers trap less heat. Loop pile carpets like Berber work exceedingly well in warmer climates where comfort is desired, but extra warmth isn’t needed. Sisal is also a great option for a low-weave that won’t overheat your home, but has a rougher feel that isn’t as comfortable as other styles.


Why Choose Carpet?

With the amount of styles, colors, and textures available, carpet is a great choice to make your home unique. Carpet is easy to clean and provides comfort for decades. Low-weave carpets can withstand heavy amounts of foot traffic and do not require much maintenance. Carpets also help to absorb noise around your home to keep it quiet and relaxing. Finally, carpet will keep you warm it’s most important. Say goodbye to frozen feet in the morning from chilly floors and invest in the perfect carpet for your Tarpon Springs home.


There’s no need to deprive yourself of the look, feel, and comfort of carpeting just because you live in a warmer climate. You can make your home elegant and inviting, no matter where you live. Call your local experts at Floor Coverings International East Lake to talk about installing cozy carpet in your Tarpon Springs home!



Photo Credits: © Tamerlan Aliyev , © David Hughes