With environmentally friendly options gaining popularity in practically every industry, it could be time to bring that same attitude to your next flooring project here in Tarpon Springs. Whether you want the cozy feel of carpet or the durability of hardwood, there are sustainable options for your home. Floor Coverings International East Lake is here to introduce you to some of the biggest trends in ecofriendly flooring.


Cork Flooring Tarpon SpringsCork

Sourced from the bark of cork oak trees, this regenerative material is a great option if environmental impact is your main concern. Sustainable farming consists of stripping the outer layer from the tree, which can grow back in as little as three years. The bark is then normally farmed every 8-10 years to allow for substantial regrowth. However, healthy cork is only harvested from the Mediterranean and cannot be grown elsewhere.

On top of the environmental benefits, the natural elasticity of the material will keep you comfortable underfoot while still providing the sturdiness of hardwood. It is naturally fire resistant, mold and mildew resistant, insulating, hypoallergenic, and an active insect repellent. Unlike hardwood and bamboo, cork is not limited by the number of available stains and can be customized to perfectly match your existing features.


Bamboo Hardwood Flooring Tarpon Springs Eco FriendlyBamboo

Bamboo is arguably the most famous eco-friendly material for flooring and current environmental climate should have you researching more into this bold option. It is harvested from controlled and sustainable forests in different areas of the world that allow the bamboo to grow to maturity and develop new shoots before being farmed. Bamboo has zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) making it a healthy choice for your home and the planet.

When harvested from reputable farms, bamboo can be more durable than popular hardwood flooring options such as maple and northern red oak, meaning it is more resistant to scratches and dents. Naturally light in color, the wood can be stained to achieve a darker profile. Bamboo is ecofriendly and elegant and would add a statement to any home looking for a modern look.


Recycled Carpet Flooring Padding Tarpon Springs Recycled Carpet

If you still crave carpet, try some green-focused fixes that will maintain the classic look without compromising your environmental consciousness. Recycled options such as nylon 6 fiber carpets, which can be supplied by our own distributor, Shaw Floors, reuse carpet to decrease the impact homes are making on the earth. The VOCs released during the production and installation process of carpet can take a toll on the environment and the air you breathe in your home so before you roll out your new floor, look into options such as ecofriendly padding, tacking instead of gluing, and installing in patches rather than one large piece.


The options don’t end there and you could go with recycled glass (consider colors for a bathroom!), post-consumer tile, or linoleum. Whether you’re looking for minimalist or bold, comfy or sturdy, there are many earth friendly floors to invest in. Contact Floor Coverings International East Lake today to learn more about making your Tarpon Springs home a little more Green.



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