laminate and hardwood flooring tarpon springsWhile laminate is designed to look just like hardwood, there are many differences between the two that any homeowner should know while shopping around. The experts at Floor Coverings International East Lake can help you sort through all the similarities and differences between laminate and hardwood. Below is our guide to help you choose knowledgeably between these flooring options for your Tarpon Springs home!


Considering that hardwood is harvested from trees, the pricing for these floors can vary depending on how exotic the trees are. Laminate is created from composite wood pressed together, topped with a high-resolution image of wood, and sealed off with lamination. Due to its synthetic nature, laminate tends to be a cheaper purchase. Laminate also has the benefit of an easy installation, making it much cheaper to install than hardwood. However, real hardwoods can add considerable value to your home when maintained properly; this is an important aspect to keep in mind when choosing between these two flooring options.


Many homeowners are aware of the extra precautions they must take to maintain the quality and appearance of their hardwoods. Hardwoods are overall easier to scratch than laminate, and wear is more likely to show on hardwoods in high traffic areas. Aside from scratch and wear resistance, laminate also has the advantage of being more water resistant than hardwoods. However, laminate cannot be refinished, and will need to be replaced if damage is acquired. Hardwoods can be sanded and refinished instead of being replaced, and will end up having a longer life span if cared for properly.


While hardwood is made from 100% organic materials, chemicals are usually used in the coating and refinishing processes. Furthermore, the mass harvesting of hardwood has led to deforestation, especially in tropical areas where exotic wood grows. Laminate, on the other hand, is made with more synthetic materials than hardwood and won’t be a concern for those worried about deforestation. More and more “eco-friendly” laminate options that are made from recycled organic materials are appearing on the market, making laminate a sustainable option for homes looking to go green.

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