tarpon springs hardwood flooringHardwood floors add timeless beauty to any home. One of the most popular species for hardwood flooring is white oak, prized for its subdued style, unique wood grain, and longevity. Since manyFlorida homeowners express interest in white oak, here is some more information about this elegant hardwood:

Red Oak or White Oak?

White oak is often confused with red oak because of their nomenclature; however, they are very aesthetically different hardwoods. The easiest way to tell them apart is to assess their color. White oak is darker and ranges in color from beige to brown. Red oak is often a light amber or cream color with pink to red undertones. Stained hardwood is often harder to identify because staining masks red oak’s subtle reds.


There are many advantages to choosing white oak hardwood:

  • Availability: White oak is plentiful. At Floor Coverings International East Lake, we carry numerous white oak flooring options, including engineered and solid, plank, and variable widths.
  • Sustainability: White oak is native to the United States and grows everywhere east of the Mississippi River. Since it’s grown and harvested nationally, it has a lower carbon footprint than hardwood grown, harvested, and shipped from overseas.
  • Affordability: Due to its prevalence and popularity, white oak is a very affordable hardwood option. This combined with its other amazing benefits gives white oak great “bang for your buck.”
  • Durability: It’s a great investment. White oak requires little maintenance while lasting generations due to its Janka Hardness rating of 1360.

Explore Your Options

We have thousands of flooring options to choose from at Floor Coverings International East Lake. Interested in seeing white oak right in your home? Our mobile design studio is an excellent option. Simply call and our flooring design specialists come to you. Compare and contrast samples in the comfort of your home. Schedule your free, in-home consultation today!

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