If you are interested in natural stone tile, it’s important to be aware of the full journey the stones go on to make it from the quarry to your Tarpon Springs home. Here at Floor Coverings International East Lake, we want to help you make the most educated decision when it comes to purchasing flooring. Read on to learn more about the process stone tiles take and how to protect their value.


Stone Tile Installation Tarpon SpringsThe Journey

Natural stone deposits exist all over the world. Depending on the climate, geography, and sediments, different types of stones are created with unique colors, textures, grains, and durability. At the quarry, large quantities of stone are forcibly extracted and cut into slabs. These dense slabs of stone are sent to factories and distributors where they are cleaned and treated to highlight the beautiful aesthetic we look for in stone tile. Tiles are then cut with special machines to near perfection based on the dimensions that have been ordered for your home.


Once the tiles are ready for installation, a team of professionals will prepare your home with the proper tools to safely and efficiently place the natural stone. Don’t underestimate this job; stones are heavy. Brittle stones such as granite can easily crack if not installed correctly, which ruins the careful steps that were taken before they arrived at your home. Stones will be treated and sealed to protect the surface from staining, scratching, or cracking, but no stone flooring is impervious. Once the installation is complete, it’s your responsibility to take good care of your investment.


Stone Tile Kitchen Flooring Tarpon SpringsSafe at Home

It isn’t cheap to install natural stone flooring, so it’s important to prioritize the care of your floors. While some more durable styles don’t need much maintenance, make sure you know the characteristics of the stone you choose. If it is a porous stone like marble, be sure to clean up spills quickly. If it is a brittle stone like slate, do your best not to drag heavy objects across the surface. Some stones such as travertine react negatively to acidic liquids and you need to be mindful of which cleaning solutions you purchase. Stone does not harbor dust or allergens and is easy to clean. Simply sweep regularly to keep your floors looking pristine.


We recommend purchasing a few extra tiles and storing them safely somewhere in your home. This way if any become damaged, you’ll have an easy replacement handy. No two stones are identical, but you are more likely to get a stone that matches the hues or intricate mineral patterns of the rest of your floor if it was quarried from the same place at the same time.


Natural stone tiles bring an elegance and maturity to our homes that can’t be replicated with other flooring styles. The distinctive texture and aesthetic is a valuable investment that will last you decades if properly maintained. For more information on available stones and how to incorporate them in your Tarpon Springs home, contact your local flooring experts at Floor Coverings International East Lake. We offer free design consultations and estimates to view samples in your own home. Call us today!


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