Tarpon Springs Marble TileIf you’re looking for a tile material that looks elegant and luxurious, then marble is the perfect option! This natural stone has been used in architectural designs and is also a popular material for flooring, countertops, and backsplashes in Florida homes. Marble is available in tiles and slabs and comes in a wide selection of different colors, designs, and textures. Homeowners can also pick from different finishes to further customize their new marble. The experts at Floor Coverings International East Lake share everything you need to know about marble below!

About Marble

Marble is an extremely durable material that will last for a long time. It is most often used for countertops and flooring because it holds up really well to everyday wear and tear. It’s important to keep in mind that marble can be slippery when wet if used as flooring. Make sure to use area rugs or mats to help prevent this in areas that easily get wet such as by the kitchen sink. Marble adds a natural and elegant look to any room, and no two pieces of marble are exactly the same – so it will be unique to your home!

Popular Types of Marble

Carrara is the most common type of marble that you’ve probably seen in many homes. It’s known for its gray and blue veining throughout and tends to be a lighter shade of gray.

Tarpon Springs Marble Tile

Marble Finishes

The finish that you choose for your new marble will have a huge effect on how it looks and holds up in your home. Polished marble has a high shine and is probably what you’ve seen in most homes. This finish helps to protect the stone from damage, but does show scratches and wear more easily and can be slippery when wet. Honed marble has a more matte and rustic finish. This finish hides scratches well but is more susceptible to staining. Our trained design associates will talk you through the pros and cons of different finishes to help you select the best one!

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