Here in Tarpon Springs, we put a lot of effort into creating the design and aesthetic of our homes. From wood type to wall colors, every piece reinforces the home’s overall flow. However, even with all this thought, stairs are left relatively untouched. They take up a large amount of space yet we don’t always see their potential as a design element. Floor Coverings International East Lake is here to fix this oversight and tell you how to elevate the style of your home with stair runners.

Stair Runner in Tarpon Springs

What is a stair runner?

A stair runner, also known as stair carpeting, is a fitted rug that covers the length of a staircase. The runner will typically only cover the middle section of each stair and leave a visible border on both sides. A standard will cover up only as much as you walk on so you can still highlight the flooring underneath. Stair runners come in as much variety as area rugs and can fit into any Tarpon Springs aesthetic. Choose from a wide array of colors and textures to transform your staircase into a stylish part of your home.


Make it a Focal Point

In the same way that area rugs add style to any room, stair runners turn a relatively uninspiring section of your home into a beautiful accent piece. You can use stair runners to bring color and warmth, or reinforce the tone of a specific room by choosing complementary hues and textures. Speak with your design experts at Floor Coverings International East Lake to talk about which type of stair runner would be best in your home. Keep in mind stairs are exposed to frequent and heavy foot traffic, so stray away from carpeting styles that shows noticeable track marks or colors that can easily get dirty.


Added Protection

Not only will a stair runner add style, but it also protects your stairs from becoming worn down or weak. In busy households, stairs experience the most amounts of pressure and strain out of any area in the home. A stair runner would help protect your flooring by absorbing and distributing the weight across the padding. If you have hardwood stairs, this is especially beneficial since the flooring itself is a costly investment. Uncovered wood can become discolored in the areas we step on most frequently, as well as develop that irritating creak after years of use.

Furthermore, stair runners provide traction underfoot, making the stairs a safer place, especially for young or elderly family members. We highly recommend adding carpeting to prevent dangerous slips and falls.


Stair carpeting is an easy way to improve the style and décor of your home. Create a statement, protect your floors, and be more comfortable in your home. To look at samples and talk about the installation process, contact your local flooring experts at Floor Coverings International East Lake. We proudly serve the Clearwater, East Lake, New Port Richey, Oldsmar, Palm Harbor, Port Richey, Safety Harbor, Tarpon Springs and Trinity areas. Call us today!


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